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What is an audax?

First of all an audax is not a race; it is a cycling event over a set route which has to be ridden within a minimum and maximum time limit. In most instances you have to pass through control points and collect proof of passage. Audax events can vary from 50km to in excess of 1000kms. In the UK audax rides are organised under the auspices of Audax UK (AUK).

Audaxes might not be competitive but they are certainly challenging as riders pit themselves against terrain and distance. Self-sufficiency is key as routes are not signposted nor is very much support offered. Sometimes all you get from an organiser is a route, a brevet card on which you record your proof of passage and a cheery wave!
The origins of audax date back to the Italian endurance sports of the late nineteenth century, and the rules were formalised in France in the early twentieth century. The word “audax” has its roots in the Latin word for “audacious”.

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How do I register my AUK allegiance to ACME?

Did we just say audax isn’t competitive? That isn’t strictly true. Audax events over 200k attract points and points win prizes in the form of dodgy looking trophies, badges, stickers and bragging rights! Also the various audax clubs compete to amass the most number of points from their membership. We want ACME to be the biggest, best, world dominating, all conquering, second to none, most bodacious audax club the universe has ever seen! Oh yes!
So when you join AUK you need to state you are an ACME member so your points will count against the club’s grand total. And if you are already an AUK member see the light, come to mama, dig a tunnel, climb the fence, flee under the cover of darkness, swim raging torrents and defect to ACME! We want you and above all we want your points! The club you are with at the moment don’t like you, they talk about you behind your back – it’s disgraceful.

Come to ACME, we will love you and cherish you now and forever more. Just get on the AUK website and change your allegiance – DO IT NOW!