ACME is made of cycling enthusiasts most of whom live in mid-Essex or close by. Yes we like audaxing and ride a variety of Audax UK (AUK) events across the UK and overseas, but we also like pubs, beer, cake, tearooms and touring. Currently we have three AUK organisers in the shapes of Tom Deakins, Grant Huggins and Graeme Provan who are responsible for some long running calendar events such as the Green & Yellow Fields (300k), Asparagus & Strawberries (400k) and Flatlands (600k), these rides also have permanent versions. ACME is also offering newer rides like the Essex Rivers & Reservoirs (Essex R&R) 100 and 200k and a winter series. Check the AUK website for the other rides we offer, they are all pearls. We have an annual awards ceremony that's much like the Oscars in that there are awards and speeches but after that it's quite different now we come to think about it. By now, after reading the above, you probably want to join ACME and why wouldn't you? But what happens if you live in Arbroath or Abergavenny or somewhere else that isn't in mid-Essex? Don't worry, join anyhow, we will love you all the more and welcome you like you live in Tiptree which is in mid-Essex and they make jam there too, we like jam.