E-Brevet is now available for some permanent and calendar events, on both Android and iPhone. It offers contact free “proof of passage” via a smartphone app (it doesn’t replace other forms of validation which will continue to be accepted).

The event details should indicate whether it is available for an event, but also check the organiser’s information or ask them, as new events are being added all the time. If you want to use it for a perm, enter using the basic online option (not “by GPS”).

Note that for calendar events control times must still be recorded on the brevet card afterwards.

Full E-Brevet Guide

The full e-brevet rider guide is available here

E-Brevet Mobile Application

To download the mobile application, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the browser on your mobile device
  2. Navigate to the E-Brevet Website
  3. Login with your Audax UK username & password
  4. Select My Account > Get the App from the menubar
  5. Click on either the Google Play or Apple App Store icons to start the download

A quick guide…

Your smart phone will need to have mobile data turned on or access to WiFi to use the e-brevet web service.

The short getting started instructions are:

  • Open the e-brevet app and from the ‘’ menu go to Settings
  • Sign in with your Audax UK username & password
  • In Settings enter the Brevet Code (the Audax Event No), Save
  • Return to the ‘’ menu then click Download Brevet
  • You will then be able to ‘register’ at each control location on the ride instead of completing the physical brevet card, including not needing to note the info control answers!

Note: there is no alert when at the control or automatic registration – you must stop and register at each location.

  • At the start and finish registration is by scanning the QR code, this is done within the e-brevet app which will need access to your smart phone’s camera.
  • The QR codes will be displayed at the check-in desk.
  • When completed return to the ‘’ menu and tap Upload Ride
  • Complete the short survey and tap OK to record your brevet. A confirmation email will be sent to you and the Organiser

If on the ride the app does not recognise that you are physically at the control location try closing and re-opening the e-brevet app to resync the GPS tracking.

At the finish show your completed e-brevet to one of the controllers so they can tick you off the arrival list.